Thinking Like A Man Is Only Half The Battle! Finding Happiness From The Inside Out!


think_like_a_man12The subtitle of this article really clarifies the message that I am trying to convey point blank; especially if you understand where the true battlefield is…which is “in the mind!”Thinking like a man if your a woman is great strategy to screen suitors and weed out losers but should come in my opinion after we have done the groundwork within to get OURSELVES right so that we can get it right! Beginning at the point of thinking like a man without dealing with the unresolved pain associated with what women go through is like putting the cart before the horse so to speak. What good is it to manipulate the mind of another person, get them vested in you and you suck or the relationship sucks because of all the baggage that most women carry when it comes to men and relationships. Believe it or not some women become booty calls not because a man is on that but because by the time we get done analyzing that woman’s mindset our own defense mechanisms and common sense kicks in and says…”DAMAGED GOODS…RUN!”



As human beings we naturally tend to blame others for our issues or the negative things that happen in our lives rather than taking ownership or true responsibility of everything bad or good that happens! The message in this blog and paragraph extends way beyond relationships and delves into what it takes in order to manifest our dreams! To be successful in life it requires that we live at CAUSE rather than as an EFFECT of what others cause. Most people live there lives as an EFFECT, the victim of what other people do or say. To live at CAUSE is to take ownership of everything that happens in our lives whether its good or bad, in fact especially if its bad! Why? To suggest otherwise is to make the universe random and without order! Our universe operates on strict laws…and one of those laws that applies to success and right thinking is called the LAW OF ATTRACTION!


This law says that everything that shows up in our lives is showing up in proportion to our thoughts! In fact even the bible tells us that thoughts are things but says it this way..”So a man Thinketh…so is he!” Either this concept is 100% true or none of its true…and if none of its true then lets stop teaching people to think positive! Lets just think anyway we want! But we know there’s a relationship to what we think and what actually shows up that’s why we must own the fact that the people in our lives at every level are simply varying degrees of our mindset. Our friends are reflections of what we like and don’t like about ourselves. The closer they are too us the more they represent our inner thoughts. The person that we are in an intimate relationship with best reflects where we are mentally. Remember two cant walk together unless they agree! So if you think that the person your in a relationship with is a real enemy then you should check your inner-me so that you can attract someone who will love you in a positive way! PEOPLE ARE SHOWING UP IN OUR LIVES PROPORTIONAL TO WHAT WE EXPECT AND BELIEVE!


For example…when we find a woman in an abusive relationship we always want to jump on the man. And make it his fault..when in fact the man is just the messenger of the real abuse that’s happening internally! That’s why it doesn’t matter if we blow that abusive man off the planet…and put the woman on the other side of it, deep in a bush somewhere with nothing but bush people…If she doesn’t manage the negative energy on the inside she will find the only abusive bush negro to whoop her ass with a whipping branch there! The war is spiritual not physical!




People really do “FALL” in love! Every time it has ever happened in my life it was a fluke and something that I was not expecting. In fact I have never been able to successfully predict it…TRUE LOVE has always just kind of happened…This will explain why younger people tend to fall in love at a must greater rate! They are able to fall in love more because they don’t go into each relationship with an idea of how the situation is going to turn out! They go into relationships with the idea of having fun and if it turns into more then great…if not…at least they don’t lose faith in the entire possibility! The problem when we get older is that we try to calculate with who, what and how our relationships will or are supposed to go! This strategy never ever works for several reasons: 1. Most women have too much baggage and unresolved pain from previous relationships to stay present in a new one. 2. Preexisting low self esteem generated from childhood. 3. Very little if any role models or examples of what a functioning relationship is or should be! 4. Finally…Very few women have ever even met or intimately known a man that didn’t have a hidden agenda or one they could truly respect as a man! With all of this junk in the way of most women and their ability to embrace the love or give their love to someone that they are truly feeling…its no wonder our relationships end in turmoil and disaster! This is not to say that we as men don’t have our own set of issues…it just seems that women are more emotionally fragile creatures.


This brings me to the primary goal of my blog…which is to help those who need help, to sort threw the emotional and mental baggage that acts as the true catalyst for attracting the“WRONG” people into our lives! If we want to blame anything or anybody for what shows up in our lives…we should start with the smoking gun…”OUR MINDSET!” To properly understand my point…we must first over-stand that LOVE and HAPPINESS are muscles…therefore it takes exercise in order to make them stronger! We need muscle to move forward in life because gravity and momentum, which are a laws of nature, will drag us to the bottom by default. Gravity is the reason why Its easier to fall down the stairs rather than to climb up them! Climbing up the stairs requires muscle because we have to fight gravity to stand up!


The real question becomes…what does it take to build muscle? Scientist agree that the art of Building muscle is a constant process of tearing down and building up! The best example of this truth can be witnessed when we exercise. Anyone who has ever done so for the first time must bear witness to the fact that in the beginning of every workout regiment…it usually leaves us in excruciating physical pain…that pain can be likend to the emotional pain we feel when we lose or experience our first love! During the first few weeks of working out…we usually don’t get to see any real results…and to the naked eye it might even feel like pain without purpose! However if we keep working out…we will eventually see massive results! That’s why people who know better and understand the process of building muscle will actually start looking forward to the pain resulting from a good workout! In fact that pain becomes a sign of progress and is probably the reason why the phrase…“NO PAIN NO GAIN!” is so popular! The trick to having a successful workout is the art of learning to properly manage resistance!


You may be asking the question…”How does all of this even relate?” Consider Love and Happiness as being under developed muscles which much be trained and disciplined to grow strong like our physical muscles. Similar to when we workout…our first experience with love will always hurt the worst! In fact some people never recover from that first experience and develop a dysfunctional behavior pattern as a result of it! However, the real troopers know that if we keep at it…our ability to endure and embrace the bad as well as the good…will make us strong and beautifully fit to appreciate our soul mate when they show up in our lives! The problem is that most of us never get to that point because we stop working out after we experience a few bad relationships and let downs! At that point…Since most of us never develop a healthy regiment of managing resistance…we end up getting fat and over weight with the baggage of our past…losing opportunity after opportunity to be happy and blaming others in the process! Its truly a viscous cycle!


LOVE and HAPPINESS is a muscle and therefore to have it…we must embrace the process and discipline of managing resistance properly so that we can win the championship (FIND OURSOULMATE) in the game of love! Professional and amateur athletes alike have mastered this concept! They train their mind and bodies to ENDURE pain for the specific purpose of building the muscles they need to win at the game they are playing! We must do the same with our hearts! Keep trying and training ourselves until we develop the strength to move beyond what average people get! The average person is not happy and usually dies lonely! LOVE and HAPPINESS ARE APART OF OUR SPIRITUAL MUSCLES AND THEREFORE MUST BE EXERCISED TO GROW STRONG AND IMMUNE TO PAIN! Trying is not living in the past filled with anger and prejudice! Trying is going back to the place when we were children and unafraid to go for it! Stop holding on to the past and whatever pain that brings simply by accepting the fact that whatever has happened to us was both necessary and a NORMAL part of building the LOVE and HAPPINESS muscles! True happiness cannot be found in someone or something! It must be first found within so that the law of attraction can work in our favor! Everything in the world around us only serves to edify our inner beliefs! For example…someone who is unhappy on the inside will usually take issue with everything and everybody that tries to make them happy and appear to find joy with anything and everyone that mistreats them! That’s because...THE WAY WE DEFINE LOVE IS RELATIVE TO HOW WE FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES! Therefore it would stand to reason that the people showing up in our lives are not showing up by accident! They are showing up because something about the way we think calls them into existence! Therefore...THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS MUST BEGIN ON THE INSIDE…or EVERYTHING ELSE WILL TURN OUT TO BE A HUGE WASTE OF TIME…EVEN THINKING LIKE A MAN! We may feel that our behavior protects our heart from whatever pain there may be as a result of being loveable but the question is…”AT WHAT EXPENSE?” I say at the expense of TRUE happiness which is our birthright! Love yourself first and your soul will find its mate for eternal happiness and peace!RO…NO CEILINGS!



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