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How High Is High

NEW DRUG CREATES ZOMBIE LIKE EFFECT! Some shit I don’t need to try in order to know that its not for me! Apparently there is a new drug on the market called BATH SALTthat is beginning to sweep across suburban America that can be found in malls and novelty stores. The drug is reported to …Read more »

What Good Is The Black Vote Without A Black Agenda

Our ancestors literally gave their lives to give us the right to vote so that we could have a voice in this powerful concept called DEMOCRACY!
SINCE THEN…That VOICE has been muffled because EVEN though many of us have exercised our RIGHT TO VOTE…we still lack the education of the POWER of our COLLECTIVE VOTE and …Read more »

Press Release: HairTraffik Launches Zanta Virgin And Remy Hair Line

For All Media Inquiries   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: RO Davis Phone: 773-363-6095 Fax: 773-326-3612 Email: Website:   Zanta Boutique   Chicago, IL, May 2, 2012: HairTraffik Human Hair Corporation, which specializes in providing its global clientele with the highest-quality natural human hair extensions, has officially launched ‘Zanta’, a new Virgin and Remy …Read more »


  As a part of the HUMAN family BLACK people must begin to think BROADER in our scope if WEare to EVER solve our issues COLLECTIVELY. FYI…”They wont be solved individually…PASS THE WORD AROUND!” I don’t know any HUMANS BEINGS as a GROUP that are not involved in theHUMAN RACE! Has anyone ever wondered WHAT …Read more »