About Me

roland davisFor over 17 years, RO Davis has been helping and motivating people model their lives to become successful and self sufficient. His understanding of human psychology and experiences in the corporate world has lead him to formulate certain key strategies that when applied to your life, can completely transform your mindset and the world you live in.


His humble roots belong to the city of Chicago, where he attended the Mendel Catholic High School. His strong academic record landed him an academic scholarship at Southern Illinois University where he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in both Mathematics and Military Science. While in still in college, RO started his first entrepreneurial venture- a night club and restaurant on the city’s main business strip for activity and entertainment.


He continued with this business for almost six years, after which he began searching for new horizons. By now he had completed with his education, was a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He then, moved into the field of Real Estate, and was able to carve his own space as an extremely successful mortgage broker and investor. In about a year’s time, RO was able to gross over a million dollars and launch his own branch of the company which he had just joined as an independent contractor. He ruled the industry for the next 12 years, made a name for himself as a Guru in the real estate industry and had an annual earning of over 5 million Dollars in sales! But when the market crashed in 2007, he quickly realized that it is time to move on and start again in another field, that is Direct sales. He turned his life around yet again and became the Senior Vice President of the prestigious company-5 Linx.


But by this time, RO had started to realize his true calling-helping people. His vast experience and motivational life story made him an inspiration for people when he released first CD in the self help industry-Power, Passion and Belief, “The Mental Roadmap to Massive Success in Direct Sales!” And he has not turned back since. He has created several multi-million dollar sales organizations, helped coach thousands of individuals to become successful and is the founder of the BOP Success Network- an organization dedicated to helping people to learn the secrets of success. He has also co-founded a non-profit organization called “The New LIFE Movement”, targeted at mobilizing the Hip Hop generation towards a better life. One of his latest ventures is “Hairtraffik Human Hair Corp”, a human hair business that markets its extremely popular hair extension line called “Zanta”.


A motivational powerhouse and a man of passion, RO Davis is truly a man capable of achieving anything. He has the ability to capture ensnare his audiences with his down to earth, very insightful, hilarious and high energy style. He is currently involved in developing a series of books, lectures and training modules and hosting his own talk show-“Blueprint-Against All Odds” on Tastemaker Television.